Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sneak peak....

We haven't been in our home since Monday.. so my plan of taking pictures of the decorations and posting them has failed... so... probably this weekend you will get a "home tour" with all our new stuff! But... I thought I would give you a sneak peak.... :)

First off... this was my view as I drove to Hobby Lobby... ummm GORGEOUS!
 How can you deny there is a God after seeing this!?

I found my letters!!! Thank you Hob Lob... I adore you!

And then the painting started... I have a new found love for painting! I have always loved crafty things... but I really enjoyed myself this time! I'm going to try and do more DIY things! wish me luck! ;)

This cutie was sitting here watching me the whole time! :)
I think she wanted to paint!

Here is where our "Family" sign went... I love it! excuse my husband's cute head! :)

I got this stand for SIX BUCKS at the thrift store last week... I LOVE IT! It adds alot to the living room... I think that room is actually finished! You'll see during the "home tour" how it all comes together!

Happy Wednesday y'all! We are half way through!!!

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  1. Super cute!! That view is just gorgeous!!!