Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PT and everything else!

First off... HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!

Does this week feel like it has been never-ending to y'all? because it does to me! 
We have an exciting update for you tho... Andy had Physical Therapy this morning and they not only said no more crutches (unless it's a long distance)... but they  unlocked his brace... meaning he can now bend his leg when he walks! So no more peg leg look for my honey! Also, she said that he can do daily activities and pretty much anything that doesn't include running!! He still has some pain, so he can't push it too much and will still have to ice it and do his daily exercises. Also, he's allowed to have the brace off while we are at home... which is so wonderful! I can't imagine how annoying that thing can be!
The most exciting thing of all is he's at 105 degrees!
The goal of the PT and Dr is 120 degrees... so within the next few weeks he'll be there!! I'm so proud of him, he's worked hard and has had a very positive attitude through this whole thing! Let me tell you, surgery is NOT easy... espcially 3 in 1 (which is what he had)... I'm anxious for his Doctor appointment in August, I hope they give him the green light to start driving soon!!

I have to put a few pictures up of this cutie who now has 2 teeth!! He is brushing them here... no cavities for this handsome boy!

Concentrating so hard on getting them clean!

His daddy is in Canada today.... so slowly he's making his way home!!
I have to give a shout out to my SIL Jade... she is wonderful at sending pictures and keeping us updated on Jack... thank you sis!!

I had to take a few pictures of our little pup last night.. Andy and I walked into our room to go to sleep, and look who jumped right on up! She is so funny, she thinks she needs a little cuddle time with momma and daddy before she goes in her Mansion (kennel).

But really... who could resist that sweet face!?

I can see her just thinking.. "I'm ready, what's on TV tonight??"

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!

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