Sunday, July 3, 2011

A little of this... a little of that....

We have been BUSY lately! I am working Monday-Thursday from 11am - 8 pm, then Friday from 8-5 and it has been quite a change! I must say tho...  I LOVE MY JOB!! My boss is hilarious and on top of it, my coworkers are very nice and welcomed me with open arms! I love it there!! I love even more coming home to my hubby and little pup!
Andy has been making GREAT progress since surgery... he's able to be some weight baring on his leg and he is doing really well with his exercises and physical therapy. He went to the Doctor this week and the Dr would like him to be able to bend 120 degrees by the next visit in a month... within 2 weeks of surgery he was able to bend 60 degrees, so I think he's doing great!! He's staying on top of the pain, and only takes his pain meds a few times a day. He's doing really well and I'm very proud of him! He also has been SUPER patient with me when I get a little grumpy because  a certain puppy can't seem to manage to pee outside! I have to remember tho, she's a puppy... and it will all come together! 
By the way...thank you Britt for the chat, you helped alot! 

Our 4th of July will probably be a little quiet this year... there are a lot of activities on Post but I don't want Andy to have to crutch around in the hot sun... I think we will drive down to where Zac Brown Band will be playing and roll down our windows, have a picnic lunch and listen! I LOVE ZBB so I'm hoping we'll be able to hear some of them.

Here are some recent pictures that I found, and a few from the drive in last night... Enjoy!!

Hanging out with Emily in the pool! 

She's a cutie! 

I think this was on our way to Disney World. 

She's so lazy! 

Todd... super excited for the double feature at the drive through! 

Kelly! This friend of ours has helped out SO much! 

SO excited for Cars 2! 

She was ready to play, not take pictures! 

Watching the movie. 

The next 3 pictures of our nephew Jack I took from his uncles page... (thanks Christian).. this little boy is SO CUTE!!! His auntie sure does miss him!!

This makes anyone smile! 

"I found you!" 

He's smiling because he gets to see his daddy in 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!! 

I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!!! 

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