Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AC Story...

So... as I told you on Sunday... our AC went out! Well it's still out!
Here's the story...
Saturday I came home and it was warmer than normal in our house.. I keep it at 70 because if you know me... you know I'm ALWAYS hot! my thyroid is all balanced out now (thank you Synthroid!), except someone forgot to tell my internal thermostat it can go back to normal too...  so I'm usually about 10 degrees hotter than the normal person... so 70 to me is pretty comfortable. Anyways, I felt hotter than normal.. so I went to check out the Thermostat and it was at 75! I asked my dear hubby (who never ever touches the thing) if he had changed it... he said "no babe, I don't touch that!" ... so I thought, well that's weird! So I put it back down to the normal spot... well I woke up in the middle of the night just hotter than the sun itself! I went out to the thermostat and it said it was 78! WHAT! I changed that earlier! I was deleriously tired so I went back to bed and figured I would just deal with it in the morning.
Sunday morning... woke up around 9:30ish (we didn't go to bed until almost 3!) ... and I was HOT! Even Andy said it was hot in there! So I went to the closet where the AC is... it wasn't doing anything! So I cranked it down... nothing... There is NO WAY this could break! I was thinking to myself... well, it had broke. Stick in a fork in the thing because it was done!
So... I googled our realty place, tried to find an emergency number... people, it's 95 degrees with 63% humidity... THIS WAS AN EMERGENCY!!!! By this time it was almost 80 in our house... to me... that's 90!
Sad to say... there was absolutely NO emergency number. None. Zip. Zilch. Ridiculous I thought to myself! I went to find our little "welcome to your apartment" folder they gave us, and found a card for one of the relators... I called her cell and left a voicemail in my oh so calm voice... I really wanted to say "IT'S HOT! help!" but I explained the situation and patiently waited... patiently! ;)
A few hours later I get a text from her saying that someone was going to come look at it, the latest would be tomorrow. So of course, my hopes are up and I am listening for every little car door slam that I can hear to see if it's them! Well, it's not. Not at all.
I wait a few hours... I text "the lady" again... she said if they weren't there by now, they wouldn't be there until tomorrow. GRRRR. Ok. I'm fine. So we escaped the hot house and went to dinner and a movie!

We get home and I swear on my life our house had gotten 10 degrees hotter!! So Andy and I went and bought a few fans... one for Daisy's kennel, and one gigantic one for us. You better believe I wanted to buy a whole AC unit... but I just couldn't justify spending $200 on something that we wouldnt use after this week.
So after maybe 3 or 4 hours of sleep (at the most!) I woke up sweating like a professional basketball player at the NBA finals and jumped in the cold shower. By this time, it's around 8:00 am and I am on the phone calling the apartment people! I didn't hear from them... called again at 8:15, no answer... called again at 8:30... nothing! In my mind, they are open from 8-5... so I text "the lady" and by the time I get a hold of her she texts me back and says "office opens at 9:15, Elyse (the secretary) knows so call her. Again, please call Elyse".... ummm really?! YOU are going to give me attitude... I'm pretty sure YOU are in your nice air conditioned house and I am the one sweating like mad in the house that is now 95 degrees. You really want to give ME attitude?! no thank you.

So... after calling little miss Elyse 16 times on Monday... yes, you saw that right... SIXTEEN... times! I finally found out that they had to order the part and replace the whole AC unit... which will cost quite a bit. So I told Elyse... it's 95 degrees and humid in our apartment, what would you like us to do in the mean time?? and she says.. "well let me call the owner of the condo and see if she'll put you up in a hotel"... ok, that's cool... I can pack our bags, load all of us up and go to a hotel... as long as it means I will be cooled off when I sleep!!! Once again... I get the "I'll call you back with an answer" shpeel and by this time I'm done. It's 4:30, they close at 5... yes, 9-5 Monday through Friday... ummm sign me up for that schedule please!
and of course, no answer... so I call... again... by the 3rd call it's about 4:50... she answers. "Well, I talked to the owner and she is not going to put you in a hotel. If you want a hotel room, she will take $100 off the rent..." and I said "well, what do you expect us to do in the mean time?" as patiently as I could! So.. she has the nerve to say to me... "well, the owner IS spending $1300 to get YOUR AC fixed"... and I said "first of all, I appreciate that but it's not MINE to fix! It's her duty as a landlord to fix these kinds of things."

So there is our AC story... hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow at 5pm! We are corssing her fingers and saying lots of prayers!

I have to give a shout out to our friends The Wooten's! They graciously let us stay at their place (cooooool place) while they are in Orlando! THANK YOU TODD AND KELLY!!!! We are SO thankful for you!!

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