Thursday, June 16, 2011


No fun blog title for this post... because this isn't a fun event... but I wanted to keep everyone up to date! 

Andy had a missing ACL, 2 tears in his meniscus, and some arthritic damage.. so needless to say my poor hubby has been in pain! So today, we got up at 4:30 this morning to head to Winn Army Medical Hospital and checked in for some MAJOR knee surgery! They got him all prepped and took him back around 7 am and the waiting period began... 
Thankfully my mom and sister have been here and have been SUCH A HUGE HELP!!! Taking care of my hubby and a puppy would have gotten interesting if they hadn't been here!
Surgery ended around 9ish and the doctor came and got me to explain what he found. Basically Andy had a knee that was SO messed up the Dr didn't know how he was able to manage it! My husband has one high pain tolerance! The Dr went on to say he took care of it all and as long as he rehab's hard then he will be good to go... in about 6 months! Thankfully there's a thing called "Con Leave" in the Army, so he is off for 30 days to rest and start Physical Therapy and hopefully start the road to recovery! 
Right now we are just staying low around here... he's been queezy off and on... but so far so good. He's able to eat and drink fluids... so that is a plus! It's going to be lots of naps around the Rodriguez house for the next few days and I am toooootally ok with that!! 

I have to tell you, even tho it's a common procedure that they do every day, I was thrown off a little when I saw my husband laying there with Oxygen, IV tubes, and groggy and loopy... I am SO thankful we are both healthy and we don't have to go through this every day! I don't like being helpless when my honey is in so much pain!! 

Thanks for all your prayers and I'll keep you updated on the healing process! 

This is at about 6 in the morning and we are SO tired! 

My little sis and I hanging in the waiting room! 

SO thankful for these 2!!

More waiting! 

His lovely IV! 

Starting to come out of it a little bit! 
We all took naps today... even Daisy! 

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  1. I hope Andy is feeling better So sorry to hear that he had to have surgery. :[ Tell your momma I said hi!!!