Saturday, June 25, 2011


What a week! This has probably been the craziest week of my life... between starting a new job, Andy recovering from surgery, having a new puppy, trying to be 3 different people and still please everyone... I'm exhausted!!!  Yes, there have been some times that I've had to apologize to either my husband or Daisy (yes, I apologize to our puppy!) because I've snapped at them... or was grumpy towards them... thankfully my husband understands I'm exhausted, and well Daisy forgets I yell at her or spank her 5 seconds after it happens! Yes, we do spank our dog when she does bad things... don't judge me. 

First off let me tell you that I L-O-V-E my job!!! I love my boss and I love the company! It is such a great place to work and I am SO happy I decided to make the big change. It is in Savannah, so it's a little drive... but I've been known to get home in 40 minutes with traffic ;) I'm tellin ya, when I wanna get somewhere... I get there and yesterday, all I wanted to be was home with my loves! 

Andy is doing GREAT too!! He's able to do things on his own ie: go to the restroom, get up, lay down, get himself a drink, open the door for Daisy... he still has pain, but he's pretty on top of it. We go see his surgeon for post op this week so hopefully he'll say things are looking good!!

I have to tell you, I've been blessed with amazing friends!! Todd and Kelly (and Emily) have been over here almost every other day to check on Andy or just hang out. It's amazing how much help they are! And Kelly is a Physical Therapy Aid... so she keeps Andy under control with his therapy! I love her for that!! We had a little pizza dinner last night but I forgot to take pictures :( 
Thank you Wootens!!! We love you!!! 

Before I close... I have to tell you how much I love Georgia thunderstorms!! We just had a good one and I love sitting here listening to it! 

Here are some pictures of our life lately.... ;) 

Sleepy puppy!! 

Typical spot...

Daisy found some of my under garments! She put it on herself, I was at work and Andy sent me this picture. 

My spot for the last few hours! :) 

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