Sunday, June 5, 2011

my love language...

What is your love language?? 

I like to be shown... I don't need fancy things, or expensive stuff... anything is fine... Tonight... my husband hit it on the dot!!
My mom and sister are coming to visit on Thursday and I walked into a SPOTLESS HOUSE tonight after work!! That's right... my amazing husband cleaned it from top to bottom... It was and is amazing! He worked so incredibly hard and I love it so much!! He kept taking me to a different room and said "look in here..." and he did all the laundry and even made me popcorn and told me to relax! Seriously, how in the world did I get SO lucky! I love him so much and had to brag on him a little bit!

Now... I'm off to spend some time with my handsome honey and our sweet puppy! 

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