Sunday, June 12, 2011

Disney World...

Disney World was a blast! Exhausting... but lots of fun! 
Friday - the first day we went to Epcot and part of Magic Kingdom... Saturday we went to Hollywood Studios and the rest of Magic Kingdom... and today we went to Animal Kingdom. Let me just tell you... it was HOT... and sweaty... and humid... and HOT... but we did have lots of fun! Today after Animal Kingdom we came back and went swimming and ordered pizza and are now laying in bed watching the Maverick vs Heat game... go Mav's! 

Here are some pictures of our fun time... we didn't want to take a lot because well, we were stikey, gross, and hot! We'll take some more during our fun week of having mom and Hattie here! 

All smiles on our way to Disney World! 

This is breakfast before our first day of Disney World! 

We're here!! 

My baby sis and I in front of the famous Epcot golf ball.

My handsome honey and I! 

Love those carmel apples!! 

In Germany! This is for you Tonia! 

2 of my favorite people! 

This was for my mom's BFF Betti! 

Momma and her girls! 

Hot and sticky but still smiling! 

Inside the shell on the Nemo ride! 

The American Idol set! ok.. not really... 

My poor sleepy hubby!!! 

There will be more to come!! 

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