Saturday, June 4, 2011

Daisy Duke...

When we picked our puppy's name out... we tossed a few names around, and Andy said he wanted her to have a good southern name since we got her while living in the south... what more southern can you get then Daisy Duke! Duke isn't her middle name... but I sometimes can't help but saying Daisy Duke... it just goes ya know?

Anyways... Miss Daisy has become the light of our lives! She is an AMAZING puppy.... we haven't even had her a week and she is almost potty trained! She cries if she needs to potty or she runs to the door... earlier today she ran so fast to the door she couldn't stop in time... so smack, right into that door... but she managed to pick herself up and get outside just in time! She is a great sleeper, she loves playing and she loves our little evening walks... she is such a cuddler and HAS to be in the same room with at least one of us. It's SO pitiful leaving her home :( We hate hearing her cry and cry.... we have found ourselves being more home bodies because we don't want to leave our little girl! 
She hasn't tried to chew much other than her toys... she does like to pick up my flip flop and bring it in the living room with her... she doesn't eat it, she just likes to make sure it's near. She's so funny! 

The other day Andy took off his shirt and threw it at her, she was attached to that thing the rest of the night!  If she was close to it, she would be laying on it. So funny!

We love our little pup... she's definitely made this home of ours a bit more lively! We wouldn't trade it for anything!! She's our baby! 

Look at that face! 

Watching TV with daddy!

Daddy's show is boring....

She loves him! 


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