Saturday, June 25, 2011


What a week! This has probably been the craziest week of my life... between starting a new job, Andy recovering from surgery, having a new puppy, trying to be 3 different people and still please everyone... I'm exhausted!!!  Yes, there have been some times that I've had to apologize to either my husband or Daisy (yes, I apologize to our puppy!) because I've snapped at them... or was grumpy towards them... thankfully my husband understands I'm exhausted, and well Daisy forgets I yell at her or spank her 5 seconds after it happens! Yes, we do spank our dog when she does bad things... don't judge me. 

First off let me tell you that I L-O-V-E my job!!! I love my boss and I love the company! It is such a great place to work and I am SO happy I decided to make the big change. It is in Savannah, so it's a little drive... but I've been known to get home in 40 minutes with traffic ;) I'm tellin ya, when I wanna get somewhere... I get there and yesterday, all I wanted to be was home with my loves! 

Andy is doing GREAT too!! He's able to do things on his own ie: go to the restroom, get up, lay down, get himself a drink, open the door for Daisy... he still has pain, but he's pretty on top of it. We go see his surgeon for post op this week so hopefully he'll say things are looking good!!

I have to tell you, I've been blessed with amazing friends!! Todd and Kelly (and Emily) have been over here almost every other day to check on Andy or just hang out. It's amazing how much help they are! And Kelly is a Physical Therapy Aid... so she keeps Andy under control with his therapy! I love her for that!! We had a little pizza dinner last night but I forgot to take pictures :( 
Thank you Wootens!!! We love you!!! 

Before I close... I have to tell you how much I love Georgia thunderstorms!! We just had a good one and I love sitting here listening to it! 

Here are some pictures of our life lately.... ;) 

Sleepy puppy!! 

Typical spot...

Daisy found some of my under garments! She put it on herself, I was at work and Andy sent me this picture. 

My spot for the last few hours! :) 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

We love our dad's!

As my Facebook status put it...

 I've been fortunate to have 2 dad's in my life... one who gave me life, and one who showed me the meaning of life! Happy Father's Day to a man who has ALWAYS been my dad in the good times and bad, and for setting the example of the kind of man I wanted to marry... and for giving me the best years of my life! Love you dad!

Although my dad and I have had our up's and down's... He has ALWAYS been there for me no matter what... even when I didn't want him to be. I was not a easy one to love, but he broke through my shell and showed me what unconditional love really is. My dad has always been a wonderful influence on us kids, and I was lucky enough to find a man who takes care of me and loves me just like my dad always loves my mom.

Dad, I love you very much and wish I could give you a hug in person on your special day... You are the best dad a girl could ask for and I miss you tons!! 

Being silly before the wedding! 

Thank you dad for giving me away to Andy, he takes care of me just like you told him to! 

This was a special moment! 

I was in tears at this moment! 

Doing the YMCA at our reception :) 

Also... Happy Fathers Day to my FIL!! 

Jesse, I am lucky to have a Father In Law like you! Thank you for all our little talks along the way :) You have an amazing son and I'm so lucky to have him as my husband!! Wish we could be there with you!! We love you!! 

Father and Son! 

He's a great "PaPa" 

YMCA :) 

He's a fun time! 

Karaoke at our wedding! 

Everyone needs a mom like mine!

My mom is amazing!! Not only did she take care of Daisy and help me take care of Andy... she spent all day Friday cooking and filling our freezer with meals! So basically all I have to do is come home, defrost something and waa laa... we have dinner!! 
Everyone needs a mom like mine!! 

Our instructions on our meals! :) 

Jam packed freezer of yumminess! 

My little sister made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! 

cute note from Hattie! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011


No fun blog title for this post... because this isn't a fun event... but I wanted to keep everyone up to date! 

Andy had a missing ACL, 2 tears in his meniscus, and some arthritic damage.. so needless to say my poor hubby has been in pain! So today, we got up at 4:30 this morning to head to Winn Army Medical Hospital and checked in for some MAJOR knee surgery! They got him all prepped and took him back around 7 am and the waiting period began... 
Thankfully my mom and sister have been here and have been SUCH A HUGE HELP!!! Taking care of my hubby and a puppy would have gotten interesting if they hadn't been here!
Surgery ended around 9ish and the doctor came and got me to explain what he found. Basically Andy had a knee that was SO messed up the Dr didn't know how he was able to manage it! My husband has one high pain tolerance! The Dr went on to say he took care of it all and as long as he rehab's hard then he will be good to go... in about 6 months! Thankfully there's a thing called "Con Leave" in the Army, so he is off for 30 days to rest and start Physical Therapy and hopefully start the road to recovery! 
Right now we are just staying low around here... he's been queezy off and on... but so far so good. He's able to eat and drink fluids... so that is a plus! It's going to be lots of naps around the Rodriguez house for the next few days and I am toooootally ok with that!! 

I have to tell you, even tho it's a common procedure that they do every day, I was thrown off a little when I saw my husband laying there with Oxygen, IV tubes, and groggy and loopy... I am SO thankful we are both healthy and we don't have to go through this every day! I don't like being helpless when my honey is in so much pain!! 

Thanks for all your prayers and I'll keep you updated on the healing process! 

This is at about 6 in the morning and we are SO tired! 

My little sis and I hanging in the waiting room! 

SO thankful for these 2!!

More waiting! 

His lovely IV! 

Starting to come out of it a little bit! 
We all took naps today... even Daisy! 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Disney World...

Disney World was a blast! Exhausting... but lots of fun! 
Friday - the first day we went to Epcot and part of Magic Kingdom... Saturday we went to Hollywood Studios and the rest of Magic Kingdom... and today we went to Animal Kingdom. Let me just tell you... it was HOT... and sweaty... and humid... and HOT... but we did have lots of fun! Today after Animal Kingdom we came back and went swimming and ordered pizza and are now laying in bed watching the Maverick vs Heat game... go Mav's! 

Here are some pictures of our fun time... we didn't want to take a lot because well, we were stikey, gross, and hot! We'll take some more during our fun week of having mom and Hattie here! 

All smiles on our way to Disney World! 

This is breakfast before our first day of Disney World! 

We're here!! 

My baby sis and I in front of the famous Epcot golf ball.

My handsome honey and I! 

Love those carmel apples!! 

In Germany! This is for you Tonia! 

2 of my favorite people! 

This was for my mom's BFF Betti! 

Momma and her girls! 

Hot and sticky but still smiling! 

Inside the shell on the Nemo ride! 

The American Idol set! ok.. not really... 

My poor sleepy hubby!!! 

There will be more to come!! 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

We are here....

We made it to Orlando and I am sooooooo excited!! I have to just tell you, our little hotel that we stay at when we come to Orlando is just adorable! Seralago is the name of the hotel and it's so cute! This time our room is right next to the pool! We haven't been in yet... because we are soon going to leave and go pick up Mom and Hattie!!!!! I am SO excited!!! I don't realize how much I miss them until I know they are coming! 

Anyways... time to go to the airport... watch for pictures within the next week or so! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

my love language...

What is your love language?? 

I like to be shown... I don't need fancy things, or expensive stuff... anything is fine... Tonight... my husband hit it on the dot!!
My mom and sister are coming to visit on Thursday and I walked into a SPOTLESS HOUSE tonight after work!! That's right... my amazing husband cleaned it from top to bottom... It was and is amazing! He worked so incredibly hard and I love it so much!! He kept taking me to a different room and said "look in here..." and he did all the laundry and even made me popcorn and told me to relax! Seriously, how in the world did I get SO lucky! I love him so much and had to brag on him a little bit!

Now... I'm off to spend some time with my handsome honey and our sweet puppy! 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Daisy Duke...

When we picked our puppy's name out... we tossed a few names around, and Andy said he wanted her to have a good southern name since we got her while living in the south... what more southern can you get then Daisy Duke! Duke isn't her middle name... but I sometimes can't help but saying Daisy Duke... it just goes ya know?

Anyways... Miss Daisy has become the light of our lives! She is an AMAZING puppy.... we haven't even had her a week and she is almost potty trained! She cries if she needs to potty or she runs to the door... earlier today she ran so fast to the door she couldn't stop in time... so smack, right into that door... but she managed to pick herself up and get outside just in time! She is a great sleeper, she loves playing and she loves our little evening walks... she is such a cuddler and HAS to be in the same room with at least one of us. It's SO pitiful leaving her home :( We hate hearing her cry and cry.... we have found ourselves being more home bodies because we don't want to leave our little girl! 
She hasn't tried to chew much other than her toys... she does like to pick up my flip flop and bring it in the living room with her... she doesn't eat it, she just likes to make sure it's near. She's so funny! 

The other day Andy took off his shirt and threw it at her, she was attached to that thing the rest of the night!  If she was close to it, she would be laying on it. So funny!

We love our little pup... she's definitely made this home of ours a bit more lively! We wouldn't trade it for anything!! She's our baby! 

Look at that face! 

Watching TV with daddy!

Daddy's show is boring....

She loves him! 


Friday, June 3, 2011

change is a good thing...

Let's face it... in the last 4 1/2 months I've had about every change one person can have... I quit my job, I got married, I became an Army Wife,  I moved across the country,  I changed career paths, we got a dog... there's probably more I just cant remember them... and don't get me wrong... they all have been WONDERFUL!! I wouldn't change anything.... which is why I'm not very nervous about this next change that's about to happen....

I got a new job.

Surprised? I was... especially when I told the lady that I wanted it! I will be a receptionist for Virginia College in Savannah... it's about 40 minutes to get to work, but it will be worth the drive. 
I've been at the bank for about 5 weeks now... and I just haven't had that "ok" feeling... like, I go to work because it's a job and let's face it... I enjoy a paycheck... but I just am not passionate about what I do. It's not my idea of a fun job... and I am not the type to do something that I hate. I just can't. I am not a faker, and everyday at work I feel like I'm trying to make myself enjoy something that I just don't enjoy.

So... Andy's Sargent told him about this job at VA College and gave me the name of the lady to contact... I emailed her my resume' and she called me 2 days later to come in to meet with her. So I went to meet with her, and 3 hours later... I left. I met with her, the president of the college, and a whole bunch of the employees... in the 3 hours I was there, they had a going away party for a lady who had only been there for 3 months, they invited me to join in with them, they gave me a tour... and let me tell you, it's a state of the art facility! The college offers cosmotology, culinary arts, medical assistant, pharmacy tech, and 1 other program that I can't remember right now... 
The great thing is... the hours are Monday - Friday and Saturday once in a while, with holidays OFF! At the bank, they are only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas since they are inside the PX, and they pretty much told me I had no chance of being off for Christmas. 
I do wish it was a little closer to home... but it will be worth it to have holidays and weekends off. 

So, there you have it... it was a hard decision only because I'm not the type to work at a place for 5 weeks and then quit... but I have to put my family first... and I have to do what is best for us... and odd hours, crazy schedule and no holidays off is just not what's best for us. 

And here's the wonderful news.... 1 week from today we will be in DISNEY WORLD!!!!! Finally I am getting to go to the magical place!! 

Have a great weekend everyone!