Saturday, May 14, 2011

Working girl!

This blog is going to be a little boring... The first week back at work has been interesting... It's a BIG career change for me and I'm slowly starting to get the hang of it. Switching from Medicine to Banking is quite the difference! Working 9-5 is one thing... but then I have to come home and study for the tests at least a few hours each night. I'm very thankful for my helpful husband who is more than willing to sit down and study with me each night.

I have 1 more week of training and then I move on to the big world of banking... Hopefully I start to catch on this week and feel more comfortable before I make the transition. 

The good news... My hubby found me a drink that I've been wanting to try for about 6 months now! Have you ever heard of Skinny Girl Margarita's? Well... we found it!!!

And on a happy note... I saw this picture on my SIL's facebook... this little munchkin is just toooooo cute!

Tonight we are going to our friend's house to hang out... so I must go study! I hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

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