Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why do you love me....

I am the type to wear my heart  on my sleeve... always have been this way... and I assume I always will be. Unfortunately it sometimes hurts those who are closest to me... I say things without thinking first, and usually the second it comes out I know it was wrong... thankfully, I have a husband who loves me no matter if I say or do the wrong thing. He's absolutely amazing. So.. Monday night I thought I would show him how much I love him and spoil him! 

Thank you to my friend Kelly for helping me out!

This is obviously an old picture... but I love it of the 2 of us... it was the night before our wedding.

Andy putting a license plate holder on my car... it says "Army Wife" in pink!

I got him 2 dozen red roses... 

This is what he walked into when he got home..

I love him!

This is his invitation... it was sitting on our bed. He's so sentimental, he will probably save it forever! 

We had roses out and candles lit.

I made him roast with potatoes and carrots, green bean cassarole, roles and his favorite... homemade pumpkin pie! 

Andy, you are my life and without you I would be totally lost! Thank you for always being so positive and for always loving me even on my bad days! 

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