Friday, May 6, 2011


Where do I even start? 
My mom is someone who I know I can go to for anything, any time of day, no matter what. She has always been there for me, even when it wasn't easy to love me. Of course we've had our share of ups and downs, what teenage mother/daughter relationship doesn't? But... my mom always let me know she loved me no matter what I did... or how much I hurt her. In fact, I remember when she would spank my brother and sister, she would start out by saying "I don't like doing this, and I love you very much".... then whack, the spank was done and they were on their way. I can probably count on 1 hand how many times I've heard my mom yell... if she was upset, you knew it because her soft tender heart became sad. There was no need for loud voices or yelling with mom... her tears and sad faces made you realize you messed up in one way or another. 
My mom is my best friend, my travel buddy, my mentor and my hero. She has seen how life can be too short for some, and choses to always see the good in people and in things. She lives life to it's fullest and rarely has a "bad day." 
You know how people say "ugh, I'm just like my mother"... If that ever crosses my mind, I smile... because that's exactly who I want to be like. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom, I love you and wish I could give you a hug in person... 

My little brother and my mom, before the Carrie Underwood concert.

Her first grandson, Jackson Daniel Dunivant. 

A night out in Nashville! 

My mom not only helped her BFF (my blonde mom) with flowers... she PLANNED OUR ENTIRE WEDDING!!!... with the help of me saying "yes, I like this" or "no, that's not me" She's amazing.

The day she became a Mother-In-Law for the 2nd time...

The Carrie Underwood concert... one of my favorite nights. 

In our family you don't "give your child away"... you just add another person to the bandwagon! 

My 2 favorite people! 

At our cousins wedding

Mom and JD walking the streets of Disneyland... this is one of my favorite pictures. It just shows how  she will always "hold her babies" no matter how big or old they are. 
"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always... as long as I'm living my baby you'll be"

Mom and her 2 girls. 

My Mom and My Mother-In-Law....

This was taken the day of my bridal shower from a cell phone... sorry it's blurry! 


I have not only been blessed with my mother... I've now been blessed with a Mother-In-Law... or as my family would call it Mother-In-Love... law just sounds weird to us.

Dora is Andy's mom and someone I've known for a while now... she's a lady who I respect very much because she's been through quite a bit in her life as well. We have to remember that life is just too short and don't waste time sweating the small stuff... 

Dora is the type of mom who you know has your back... she'll always be there for her family no matter what. Her family is her #1 priority, and it's very obvious how much she loves each and every one of us! 

Happy Mother's Day Dora... Andy and I love you very much and wish we could also be with you on this special day... 

This is Andy's sister and mom at his Basic graduation.

Dora and I in St Louis (traveling back from A's graduation)

Our happy day! 

Proud Mama! 

I just love this picture! 

My MIL! 


And last but certainly not least..... Happy Mother's Day to a new Momma!!! My SIL is celebrating her first Mother's Day this year with her adorable baby Jackson!! 

Happy Mother's Day Jade... I hope Jack spoils you!! ;)

This boy loves his momma!
Our wedding put him to sleep! 

I'm lucky to be able to call her Sister and Friend!! 
He's ready to go! 

Sister time!!

I wish I could do a post about all the mothers that have influenced my life... but it's 4 am and I'm feeling a little tired again so time to get back to sleep! 
To all the mothers out there... this is YOUR weekend! Enjoy it!! I hope our mothers feel loved every day of the year... not just one! 

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