Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fun in the Sun...

On Saturday we went to Tybee Island with our friends for a day of fun in the sun.... it was a BLAST!!! 
Tybee is only about an hour or so away and it's worth the drive! To be able to just lay out and relax was wonderful! Here are some pictures of our day! 

Here was our caravan out to Tybee.. the Woodwards are in the front in the van and the Wootens in the Maroon Taurus.

Hello Wooten's! 

We had Walkit-Talkie's between the 3 cars and it was hilarious! It made the hour long ride go super fast! 

The wonderful map that my mom got us... it's come in very handy! 

Emily loves Andy... and Andy loves her! 

Tybee Island was where The Last Song was filmed... here is a poster to prove it! It was signed by all the big actors of the movie.

Someone's ready for the beach! 

Brady, Blake, Brock and Todd 

The Rodriguez's and miss Emily! 

Our Group! I love these people!!
Scott, Amy, Blake, me, Brock, Andy, Emily, Brady, Kelly and Todd. 

The Woodwards

My Love! 

The Wooten's! 

These kids are great!

All the houses and restaurants were SO bright! I love this little town! 


I think Brady was doing push-up's in the water! 

Having so much fun!!

She found her shadow! 

Taking a break to enjoy a banana! 

Andy catching some sun!

Snack time! 

They dug holes and buried each other! So cute.

He's so cute! 

Amy and Scott

Emily, Kelly and Todd

Jelly Fish! When the tide went down they were EVERYWHERE! That's when we packed up and went to dinner! 


Our group :) 

Brady, Emily and Brock

Dinner time! 

Brock and Andy

My honey and I after a very fun day! 

This is where we went for dinner! 

Jammin out! 

The Dos Equi's guy! 

I had to get a picture... he looks just like him! 

We went to a cute little antique type store and I walked out and found my husband like this... whatever he has to do to survive shopping right?? ;) 

I am in LOVE with this table!! So cute! 

Tomorrow I start my first day at Heritage Bank... 2 weeks of training and I'm SUPER excited!! Wish me luck! 

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and if your a mom, I hope you had an amazing mothers day!!! 

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  1. How FUN! That is so cool that you are so close to the beach - super jealous!! Love the pics!