Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Banker.... really?!

Well... it's official.. I am a banker! 
Never in my life would I have thought I would say those 4 words... Medicine has been my passion and what I love, but after a few months of searching for a job in the Medical Field I finally just decided to expand my horizons... and I did... into banking! This week has been my first week at the branch, the first 2 weeks were training... and let me tell you, training kicked my behind! I thought for sure that I would get to my branch and *hate* it... but my husband kept telling me it would work out, if it was meant to be... it would be.. and sure enough, I love it! I love the people interaction, I love that I can do something else with myself other than medicine, and I love that I have knowledge in 2 different huge fields! Being an Army Wife you can have 2 types of careers... Banking and Medicine! I have conquered them both! Well... conquered Medicine, give me a little while and I'll conquer banking too! 
Like I said... the first 2 weeks were brutal, there was one night that I came home in tears because I just didn't understand it! There are 2 things you don't want to mess with when it comes to people... that's their children and their money... and we handle 1 of those! no pressure right?!
So Monday I went to my branch, which is conveniently located inside the PX (the store on post) and I was SO nervous! I had my clothes all ironed and hung ready to wear, my shoes out and polished all up, and my matching jewelry set out! I was ready! I went in thinking, ok.. if I can do this, then I'm good to go... if I can't well then banking just isn't my thing and I'll keep pursing the medical field.... well Monday and Tuesday were GREAT and today I got my very own drawer!!! I'm an official Teller and it feels good! The ladies at the branch are so sweet too... they are extremely helpful and very encouraging. I think it's going to be a fun journey... at least for while we are here in Georgia!

My MaMa was a banker, and my mom was a banker... so who knows, maybe it was in my blood?? 

My favorite thing about banking is the people interaction... I LOVE working with people, I think that's why my heart was in the Medical part of life... and now I just get a different side of people... mostly happy ones which is great! 

So... there it is... my journey over the last few weeks. 
A BIG thank you to my patient husband who put up with me the last few weeks as I was having moments of doubting myself, for wiping my tears away and handling me during times where I was just plain grumpy! Love you babe! 

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