Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wedding favorites...

I cannot say it enough... OUR WEDDING WAS AMAZING!!! Here are some pictures from it... our photographer was awesome and took SO many pictures... so there's no way I'm going to put them all up, but here are my favorites... 

Love those 2! 

My hero! I love you mom! 

My dad :) 

We have 4 nephews... all of their names start with "J".... here is the 2nd oldest Jayson. 

Andy and his parents 

My family! 

My new family! 

Our bridal party... I LOVE how all my girls dresses were different, they were all what they loved and felt comfortable in... and something they can wear again! 

I love my husband!! 

Our youngest nephew, baby Jackson! This little one has stole his aunties heart! 

I love this picture... it was towards the end of the night and you can tell were are SO exhausted and my hair went flat... but I love how you can see our guests behind us... SO much fun!! 

Our grandmas! 

with Andy's mom's brothers and sisters 

I love this one of Andy and his momma! 

My MIL and I 

My family that traveled to our wedding... well, the ones that were left by the end of the night :) 


getting ready! 

My little sister and my friends baby.

My hair! my amazing friend Anna was GREAT!! She did my hair, my makeup, my girls' makeup, and SO MUCH MORE! Thank you again Anna!! 

1 of my flower girls, Grace. 

My SIL Jade. 

My mom getting me ready. 

I'm almost ready! 

Bridal portrait 

just waiting...

This makes me laugh... I was hungry so my brother Nate was feeding me...

and then my mom came along with trail mix

This was one of our center pieces... I LOVE them! they are now decorations in our home. 

 Jack is wondering what in the world is going on! 

The 2 that made our perfect day perfect... Betti is my mom's best friend and she worked SO hard on making everything perfect... and my mom did 90 % of the wedding planning and it was EVERYTHING I could ever want.. She made it all happen exactly the way we wanted it! Thank you mom and Betti, you are WONDERFUL!!! OH! and then these ladies got in the car and drove with me to Georgia! Everyone needs a mom like my mom and a Betti in their life! :) 

I had always wanted both my parents to walk me down, they made it happen! 

Andy had to wipe his eyes a few times, oh I love him! 

lighting our unity candle 

My little brother sang "Silent Strength" , a song that he wrote... it was amazing! 

Thank you to these 2 who gave us the most perfect wedding anyone could ever have!! We love you mom and dad!!!


Mr and Mrs Andy Rodriguez 

one of my fav's! 

I love kissing him! 

Our cake topper! 

AMAZING cake made by my friend Sherrie! 

making the rounds! 

Time to eat! 

Jaron is ready to boogy! 

First dance as a married couple! 

a girls first love is her daddy! 

time to cut that beautiful cake! 

Mother-Son dance! 


He had to dance with his new MIL! 

The grooms men and dad's danced the YMCA dance! 

Time for the train!! 

I got to be the head of the train! 

loving our party! 

Bouquet toss! 

Laura caught it!!! 

Garter time! 

Another one of our adorable nephews!! 

Uncle Jim got a hold of the microphone and started karaokeing! 

Our rings! 

Hope you enjoyed our wedding pictures! It was the most perfect night and I love being married to my best friend and the man of my dreams!! He's so patient, kind, loving, wonderful, and much much more than I deserve!! I am one lucky girl to be his wife!  :) 

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