Friday, April 15, 2011


Even though I am not working, I'm still thankful it's FRIDAY!!! That means my hubby is home with me for 2 days in a row and it's date night!! I think tonight we are going to see Arthur, it looks hilarious! As you can probably tell, we LOVE going to the movies!! I love that he loves the movies as much as I do! As our DJ said at our wedding... I have a little bit of Hollywood in my blood! ha ha! (If you were there you would get it) ;)

This week was great! I had a interview yesterday for a Teller position at a local bank, and I feel really good about it... I went to the Job Fair on Post on Wednesday and met the lady there, and then she had me come interview the next day! I'm trying to not get my hopes up, but I would REALLY love this job!! There are Heritage Bank branches all over Southeast Georgia, so it would be perfect!! I should find out the beginning-middle of next week, so I'll be sure to blog about it! 

I took this picture for all those that told me when I get married I would learn how to cook... well you were right!! Every night is an adventure to figure out what's for dinner, but somehow I manage to whip out something delicious! Here's a picture of our "typical meal" --- some style of chicken, some side dish and a yummy craisin, almond, cucumber, spring lettuce salad! 

My husband started laughing when I took out the phone to take a picture of my plate, but hey... I've got to blog about something! ha ha! And yes mom... brown rice!! :) I found it! 

Tomorrow we are going to Chuck E Cheese for our friends son's birthday party... I'm SO excited! I adore our friends kids!! There's 4 and they are all so stinkin cute! And  I LOVE seeing how cute Andy is with all of them. I'll try to take lots of pictures so you can "meet" our friends! :) 

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!

And good luck to my SIL and Andy's sister Liz, she is running Robie Creek tomorrow (a 13 mile run back home) ... GOOOOOO LIZ!!! We are cheering you on from Georgia!! 

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