Friday, April 29, 2011

She said YES!!

Let me tell you about my Uncle Jim... he's my mom's "baby brother" and has always been there for us no matter what... he used to babysit us when we lived in San Diego, and even sometimes when we lived in Phoenix... he's the type of Uncle that you can go months without corresponding, but then he'll call and we just pick right back up where we left off. 

Uncle Jim is a VERY busy man... I mean.... BBB...ZZZZ....EEYY!!! No matter how busy he was, he made time to come to our wedding... and that meant SO much to me! I was a little nervous for Andy to meet all our family, because he had never met them before... and since he hadn't met JD (my older brother) yet, I wanted to make sure everyone liked him... and I knew how overwhelming it is to meet a lot of people so I just wanted everything to go over smoothly... well... it did. It was better than I ever imagined it could be! Uncle Jim, Laura, and Al ended up taking Andy to "pre-funk" to get to know him a little better, and they hit it off right away. Now Uncle Jim will text Andy instead of me! Which I love! 

Anyways... the point of this post... was Uncle Jim PROPOSED last night and Laura said YES! 
Let me just tell you how much we LOVE Laura... I have never seen Uncle Jim glow the way he does with Laura... she is SO sweet and so much fun to be around... and all of our family just adores her! To say I'm excited for them would be an understatement! 
Welcome to the family Laura... you fit in perfectly!! And congrats to the both of you... Ranandy is SO excited! ;) 

I stole this from Laura's facebook... this is after they got engaged! 

She caught the bouquet at our wedding! 

They are SO cute! 

We love you Uncle Jim and Aunt Laura ;) 

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