Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Weekend....

WARNING... WARNING... very long post! :) 

First of all... here you go mom, now you can see who everyone is when I talk about them! :) 

We had such a fun weekend!! Friday night was date night and Saturday was our friends son's birthday party at Chuck 'E' Cheese! It was SO much fun!! Happy 6th Birthday Brady! You are a precious boy who we adore!!! After Brady's birthday we came home and relaxed, then went to our friends Scott and Amy's house to just hang out with friends. It is SO nice to have friends!! The most wonderful thing about the girls is we are all in the same boat... not only wives, but Army Wives... it's a different life, and it's so nice to have people who you can trust and people who are there for you, even tho we've only known them for a month! We cherish our time with Scott, Amy, Todd and Kelley and their ADORABLE kids! Emily is Todd and Kelley's daughter, she's 2 and so stinkin cute!!  There are A TON of pictures of her because she's just too cute! 

This is Scott on the basketball game, this seemed to be the hit.

My cute hubby! 

Blake playing football

Birthday boy Brady! 

Scott and Andy

Race car driver Brock

Todd and Emily, she's his minnie-me! 

Chuck E Cheese and Emily 

Emily was SO cute, after we ate she wanted to go to the Barney ride again, and as soon as she got up there she said "what's goin on Barney??" it was so cute!! 

She drove the train like a champ! 

I said to her "Em, look at the camera" and she says "cheeeeeese"! so cute! 

Eatin her Pizza 

Chuck E came out and sang happy birthday to the kiddos. 

Andy kept saying "I'm gonna have my birthday here!" 

Birthday Boy! 

We got the kids suckers, they were a hit! 

Amy and Brady. 

The basketball stop was a hit! 

Emily wanted to bowl but couldn't quite reach it....

So she figured out how to get it in the hole her own way! 

back for more! 


This game had handles that you had to hold on to and it vibrated more and more...

And Blake was a champ! 

Todd being silly! 

Counting our tickets! 

Ready for the ride! 

Pretty Amy! 

Brock was having a good time! 

You are never too old to have fun at this place! 

Still counting our tickets... 

Emily wanted to "holp Andy" 

You know an Army kid if they know what to do when you say "push up position" even little Emily! 

Blakes turn to count the tickets! 

My silly husband! 

My little buddy! We had fun! She would run around Chuck E Cheese and come grab my legs and say "I found you!!" so CUTE! 

He's so handsome!! 

Ticket Queen! 

Time to cash in and get some prizes!! 

Race car driver Kelly! 

Emily figured out how to work it. 

The Rodriguez's 

Emily and Kelly 

I love Todd's face here! Total basketball face! 


They scored with the tickets! 

cute right?!

Justin Beiber glasses! 

Blake rockin the glasses

He looks the best in them! ;) 

Love these 2! 

Never a dull moment....


Birthday boy momma! 

He's SO cute with kids!! 

Army kid! 

Melts my heart!! 

How can you not love this girl! 

Cutie Brady! 

Eating her "chiiips" 

Leanna and V

I am not good at self portrait pictures! 


Relaxing morning at the Rodriguez house! 

Hope you had a great weekend! Time to go relax some more and watch Country Strong!! 

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