Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jack Attack....

Who doesn't love a squishy loveable cute little baby! This post is all about our nephew Jackson Daniel! I'm really hoping his daddy can see this post of his cutie since he is still in Afghanistan... but if not, you all can enjoy him! 

Jackson was born January 12th and has been the light of our lives ever since! At 1 month old he was a ring bearer in our wedding and he did GREAT! His mommy carried him down the aisle and then handed him off to Pappy and Geebee and he didn't make a sound! He was a great representation of his daddy who wasn't able to be there physically. Jackson also made a big move the other day... he rolled over! Slow down buddy, you are growing too fast! 

Jackson, your Auntie Randi and Uncle Andy love you soooo much and we can't wait when you get to the East coast so we can see you more often! You are already a wonderful little boy and you were born into an amazing family.. your mommy and daddy are incredible people and love you so so much!! 

Thank you Jade for always being so great at sending pictures to us!! We love the updates! 

We love all our nephews... this little guy just got the 1st post. :) 

When JD and Jade found out they were having a boy... I went and bought a Hawaiian shirt because his daddy used to love them! 

His new buddy... Mr. Frog

"How you doin?" 

beach bum...

Seriously, how cute is he?! 


look who found his tongue! 


I love the chub! 

Easter outfit.. notice Mr. Frog?


Jackson with Auntie Hattie!


Ready to go cruise! 

Jelly Roll! 

Mommy's little helper! 

I want to squeeze his cheeks! 

Uncle Nate got his onesie..

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  1. He is ADORABLE! I love all his chunk - what a cutie!!