Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blog vacation...

Obviously I took a vacation from the blogging land... I didn't mean to, I have just been super busy! Our apartment is all set up and done... and I have been job hunting every day! I took a day off because I had HORRIBLE stomach pain, still haven't figured out what it was... but it was not fun! Andy was about to take me to the ER one night, but I finally started to feel better. Whatever it was, I sure hope I don't get it again!!

Anyways...  we haven't been hiding... we've just been living! 

At dinner one night... (he *hates* pictures... so this is what you get) 

My hubby... you would think he doesn't sleep or something??

I was teaching him how to use the coffee pot... he's so cute! 

Our night stands are in!! Woo hooo! 

Did I tell you we have friends?? I'm SO excited!! And we are having them all over this weekend for Taco's! It's so exciting to say "hey, bbq at the Rodriguez house" ! YAHOOO!! 

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  1. Don't you love setting up house. It's one of my favorite things to do. Have fun with your friends!