Friday, April 29, 2011

Sweet Dreams...

I just got to talk to my brother for a few minutes on facebook chat... I've only been able to "chat" with him a few times since he's been deployed last September... So I cherish those precious 5 minutes! 
He's doing well, but he is very ready to come home... so if you could all say a quick prayer for him that the time will go quickly so he can get home to his wife and baby boy! 

The good thing is that he's able to read this blog! They didn't have internet access for a long time, so now that he does I will work extra hard on keeping him up to date through this blog. If anyone has pictures or anything you want to tell him, email them to me at and I'll get them up here. 

Here is his sweet baby boy, I'm pretty sure he's dreaming of his daddy!! 

JD, we love you so much and can't wait for you to be home! Stay safe and know that we think of you daily!! 

Just found this video, this is what JD is doing over there.... 

She said YES!!

Let me tell you about my Uncle Jim... he's my mom's "baby brother" and has always been there for us no matter what... he used to babysit us when we lived in San Diego, and even sometimes when we lived in Phoenix... he's the type of Uncle that you can go months without corresponding, but then he'll call and we just pick right back up where we left off. 

Uncle Jim is a VERY busy man... I mean.... BBB...ZZZZ....EEYY!!! No matter how busy he was, he made time to come to our wedding... and that meant SO much to me! I was a little nervous for Andy to meet all our family, because he had never met them before... and since he hadn't met JD (my older brother) yet, I wanted to make sure everyone liked him... and I knew how overwhelming it is to meet a lot of people so I just wanted everything to go over smoothly... well... it did. It was better than I ever imagined it could be! Uncle Jim, Laura, and Al ended up taking Andy to "pre-funk" to get to know him a little better, and they hit it off right away. Now Uncle Jim will text Andy instead of me! Which I love! 

Anyways... the point of this post... was Uncle Jim PROPOSED last night and Laura said YES! 
Let me just tell you how much we LOVE Laura... I have never seen Uncle Jim glow the way he does with Laura... she is SO sweet and so much fun to be around... and all of our family just adores her! To say I'm excited for them would be an understatement! 
Welcome to the family Laura... you fit in perfectly!! And congrats to the both of you... Ranandy is SO excited! ;) 

I stole this from Laura's facebook... this is after they got engaged! 

She caught the bouquet at our wedding! 

They are SO cute! 

We love you Uncle Jim and Aunt Laura ;) 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jack Attack....

Who doesn't love a squishy loveable cute little baby! This post is all about our nephew Jackson Daniel! I'm really hoping his daddy can see this post of his cutie since he is still in Afghanistan... but if not, you all can enjoy him! 

Jackson was born January 12th and has been the light of our lives ever since! At 1 month old he was a ring bearer in our wedding and he did GREAT! His mommy carried him down the aisle and then handed him off to Pappy and Geebee and he didn't make a sound! He was a great representation of his daddy who wasn't able to be there physically. Jackson also made a big move the other day... he rolled over! Slow down buddy, you are growing too fast! 

Jackson, your Auntie Randi and Uncle Andy love you soooo much and we can't wait when you get to the East coast so we can see you more often! You are already a wonderful little boy and you were born into an amazing family.. your mommy and daddy are incredible people and love you so so much!! 

Thank you Jade for always being so great at sending pictures to us!! We love the updates! 

We love all our nephews... this little guy just got the 1st post. :) 

When JD and Jade found out they were having a boy... I went and bought a Hawaiian shirt because his daddy used to love them! 

His new buddy... Mr. Frog

"How you doin?" 

beach bum...

Seriously, how cute is he?! 


look who found his tongue! 


I love the chub! 

Easter outfit.. notice Mr. Frog?


Jackson with Auntie Hattie!


Ready to go cruise! 

Jelly Roll! 

Mommy's little helper! 

I want to squeeze his cheeks! 

Uncle Nate got his onesie..

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mandatory fun...

Well... we had a very busy week! Tuesday we went to dinner with a friend and his girlfriend so we could get to know her more. It was fun and we found a new restaurant that we will definitely be going back to! It's called The King and I and it's Thai food... when you come visit, if you like Thai we'll take you there! Yuuuuuum! 
Wednesday was pretty quiet, just had dinner and then hung out... and then Thursday was "Mandatory Fun Day" with Andy's Company for Easter. It was goooooood people watching! :) We (the wives) were reminded of how certain superiors like to abuse their rank... and basically act like jerks... but it humbles me to see how calm the soldiers were about it.. basically, the other 3 Platoon's  were standing in the shade, so 1st Platoon (who had been standing in formation for about 40 minutes) were hot and in the direct sun, so they went to a shady spot... well the second they moved one of the Sgt's starting yelling at them... ugh, ridiculous! IT WAS HOT!!! My friend Amy and I wanted to march over there and give him a piece of our minds, but instead.... we just vented to each other. Anyways, I was telling Andy about it, and he said that particular Sgt is leaving tomorrow! He's RETIRING! So.. that was how Mandatory Fun Day ended. It was a good day, lots of fun with friends... but after being in the sun for 8 hours, we were EXHAUSTED! So we came home, showered and took a nap and then met the Woodwards at Wendy's and came here and watched a movie. It was a great day!! 
Friday we got to sleep in, and hang out all day... then we went to a movie and just relaxed. Saturday we cleaned house, went to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant called Rodeo... I wasn't TOO impressed, but we agreed we will try it again... maybe they were having a bad night? 
Then Easter Sunday we went  over to our friends (The Woodwards) house for lunch and it was DELICIOUS! Scott cooked a big roast with carrots and mashed potatoes, and I made a green bean cassarole and brownies for dessert. We just love their family! Their boys are so so sweet and polite and fun to be around... and it's SO nice to have  friends who I really truly feel like I can talk about anything to and I know she won't judge me. Love you Amy and Kelly!! 
Then... our dear friends The Wootens came home!!! They had been gone all week visiting family in TN and it was so weird without them there!! They were driving home and called to see what everyone was doing, so they drove to Post, checked in and came straight over! What troopers! It was a mini reunion!!! So happy to have those 2 families! 
Andy had today off as well.... so we've been hanging out and just being together... it's so great to have him home! I love 4-days! 

Yummy Thai Food! 

Miranda and Chase
My handsome hubby and I 
Take 2! 
Andy and Brock
This boy LOOOOOVES to take pictures! 
He's SOOOO HANDSOME! :) This was at dinner at Rodeo. 

YUMMY Margarita! 

They DO serve Chips and Salsa! (inside joke for my husband!) ;) 

Kelly and Amy


Andy and Scott (our chef!) 

Take 2...

Miss Emily!! This girl goes from trying on earrings and lipstick, to nerf guns and baseball bats! 

Pretty Kelly! 

She needs her own gun! 

We had a dance party in the front room! 

Emily wanted to dance with mommy and daddy! 

Todd and his baby girl! 


This is so cute!!! 

I told you... dancing party! 

I Love this couple!! 

Brady joined in! 


My little buddy! 

He's so cute when he sleeps! 

Easter Lunch!!

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend and a wonderful Easter!!