Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend in Orlando!

warning warning... this is a very long post... so grab some popcorn and enjoy! :)

Andy and I went to Orlando for a few days to go have some time away and explore Sea World! Andy had never been, and he LOVED it!!! I have been, but each time I go I love it more and more!
We were only there a few days, but it was so much fun!! 


 Andy won a hammer! They didn't have the LA Dodgers or else he would have been all over that one! :)

 My handsome honey on a carousel! If you know me... you know I LOVE Carousel rides! Always have.

Friday morning on the way to Sea World we had DD for breakfast... I had never been there, which surprised Andy, so we enjoyed some sugar before exploring Sea World. 

Look at my handsome husband in his new sunglasses! :) 

They had me at coffee... Honestly, it's almost, ALMOST as good as Starbucks! 

Andy enjoying his sugar doughnut! 

I LOVE those Carousel's! 

We passed by 5 Coach outlets on the way to Orlando!! Finally at the 5th one I asked if we could go, and he said yes!! I got this purse for a steal of a deal!! It's a beauty!  

All smiles on our way to Sea World!! 

Driving to Florida... he's a trooper... he drove 99% of the time! 

I got a fake Tattoo! 

Us take 2! 

This was the view on the way to Florida... it's absolutely GORGEOUS!!! 

Here come the Rodriguez's Orlando!! 

Thank you to photo shop for making this picture a little more fun! :) 

I think I squeeled when I saw this sign! I love Sea World! 

Flamingo's are pink because they eat Shrimp... which I always forget, but it always amazes me! 

The Dolphin's stadium! 

Did I mention we got in for free? Complimentary to Active Duty and families! Thank you Sea World for caring about those who serve you!! 

One of the Dolphins! 


How beautiful!! 

I loved watching Andy look at everything, he was like a kid in a candy store at times. It was so cute! 

If you look real close, you'll see the Shark swimming up behind him...

The Penguins are absolutely adorable!! 

This one is fake :) but still cool! 

Andy was making a Shark penny. 

Look at those gorgeous flowers!! 

I got this hat because it was pretty hot, I fit in with all those Florida people! :) 

Andy got a new hat, and the embroidered his name for him! 


Hello killer whale who swims 30 MPH! 

Andy won this HUGE Shamu... it's name is Sammy. When you come visit us, it will be waiting for you on the guest bed :) 


Such a performer! 

This was Clyde, the sea lion performer. 

This was right next door! Old Town Orlando is awesome!! 

This was our hotel! 

So sad to leave! 

My hubby at Cracker Barrell, we celebrated our 1 month anniversary with a delicious breakfast! 

Andy's friend Chase watched our apartment for us... and when we got home, he had made this cute sign and hung it on our door! Thanks Chase!! 

This weekend was AMAZING!! 
Andy and I decided we had so much fun that we need to travel more often... it was great! 

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