Friday, March 25, 2011


We got a few of our wedding pictures and I LOVE them!!! I love that our photographer was able to capture how HAPPY we are!! There are a few double chin pictures, pictures where I would have loved if my arms looked a little more toned and pictures where I SHOULD have gotten that extra spray tan... BUT... it really shows how excited we were that day... it was the MOST perfect day and I wouldn't have changed a thing! well... I might have gotten that tan ;) 

I am thinking this is the winner! Although I love them all!!

I love his kisses!!

black and white version...

This was me the entire day... ALL SMILES!! even in the middle of kissing...

I look like I was up to something here...

Another of my favorites... I love him! 

We were laughing all day!! 

love the black and whites! 


I get this for the rest of my life! :) 

Hope you enjoyed....

Love, Andy and Randi Rodriguez 

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