Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our weekend!

This weekend has been very relaxing!! Friday night we set a few bombs off in the house (to get rid of our GROSS bugs...) and then we went to Chili's for dinner and then went and saw The Lincoln Lawyer... it was pretty good! I love movies with a good twist, and it was definitely one of those! 

At dinner

This is Chase getting ready to set off the bombs! (you have to open all the cupboards ... that's why the kitchen looks like that). When we got home my sweet sweet husband told me to sit in our room and stay there while he cleaned up all the dead bugs in the house. Let me just tell you, I *hate* bugs!!! Like.. HATE HATE HATE bugs... so that to me was the best thing anyone could ever do for me! ha ha! 

Then on Saturday Andy told me that we were having a date day and he had stuff planned for us.. I tell you, he is amazing! It was wonderful!! 

Here is my handsome husband at lunch on Saturday.

The sun roof was open so we have nice shadows on our faces :) 

Take 2...

Our stuff is suppose to come on Saturday, and we are SOOOO excited!! It will be nice to finally be able to use our amazing wedding gifts that we have been given! 
I also got to start our thank you cards since we now have pictures! There are so many to write but we are SO thankful for all the gifts that we will have fun writing them and remembering that amazing day! 

Today we are just cleaning and mopping... for the 3rd time (bye bye bugs) and hanging out. I sure miss everyone in Idaho, but I  do love hanging out with my husband every day :) ! Life is good!! 

Hope y'all had a great weekend!! 

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