Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Wedding!

Here are some pictures Andy's cousin took that I stole from her blog... Thanks Adri! :) 
It was the best night.... even better than I ever imagined! My parents know how to throw a party!! Thank you again Mom and Dad!! It was absolutely perfect!! 

I think this was towards the end of the night and we were exhausted! 

My handsome husband and I! 

I LOVED that all my girls dresses were different... I wanted them to feel comfortable in what they were wearing, and to be able to wear the dress again... I think it was a success! They all looked gorgeous!
From left to right... Ashley (a great friend of mine), Liz (Andy's sister and another great friend of mine), Jade (my sister in law and amazing friend and someone who I constantly go to for advice!), and of course my little sister Hattie... my maid of honor and my bestest friend and favorite 14 year old!
Thank you girls for being so wonderful!! 

This is when Andy saw me come in... a few moments later he "had something in his eye" ;) 

The Tarin family with Andy and I :) 
Andy's mom's brothers and sisters have a tradition of taking a sibling picture.. we got in on the fun!

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