Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Fun-Day!

This time change is really hitting me hard this year, all day I felt like I was so tired and have been robbed of 20 hours of sleep... instead of just 1! Does anyone else feel the pain of the time change?

I didn't do a ton today... just ran some errands that I've been putting off, then I came home and finished my resume' and cover letter and email a few people in the area, and posted it on a few job sites. Then I came home and made Taquito's and Yummy Rice for dinner! I must say, this batch of Taquito's are my best yet! Andy's mom gave me her recipe for Taquito's and Yummy Rice. The rice is SUPER easy and is delicious!! I didn't get a picture because we ate it too quickly :) 

Tonight... the season finale of The Bachelor is on! I'm so excited!! I'm going for Emily!

I got my husband this to bribe him to watch The Bachelorette with me! :) 

I got to Skype with this cute boy and his momma yesterday... he was SO happy during our Skype time, I think it was because he got to see his Auntie! :) He's so smiley and happy!! I sure love that little monkey! 

Have a great week everyone!! 

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  1. Those taquitos look amazing! I am super hungry now!! Love the new look on the blog. It is adorable!