Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home Sweet Sweet Home...

I Love Love Love our apartment!! My husband picked it out and he did so great!! My 2 requests were 1.) Washer and dryer hook up and 2.) Dishwaser .... he got that and SO much more!! It's a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment with a cute kitchen, living room that's attached to the dining room and it's absolutely perfect!! 
Here's a tour of our humble abode... (not all our signs are put up yet, so there's a little more decorating to come... this if after 1 day's work... unpacking 30 boxes and decorating)... 

This is the view when you walk in the front door...

To the right you see our bedroom (still waiting for the Furniture store on base to get our stuff in!) 

In our bathroom...

I LOVE this rug! Our bathroom is tan, brown and cream... I love it! 

Our shelf above the toilet 

Our comfy bed! 

I got this picture at Big Lots for 10 bucks! It's a canvas painting. 

Every Military home isn't complete until there's a Ruck Sack :) 

Close up of our entry way hallway 

To the left when you walk in there's this sign... it says "Our Family" ... I love our little family! 

Here's 1 corner of the kitchen...

I got this adorable cookie jar at a Antique store for cheap! 

pure happiness right there! 

our stove

Another corner of the kitchen

Our favorite part of the kitchen!! 

The jar next to it is now filled with popcorn seeds and we are trying the popcorn maker out tonight for the first time!! We are so excited!! 

The fridge. I love our rooster theme!! 

His and Her's aprons... somehow her's gets used more often ;) 

This is for my mom.. close up of our appliances :) 

Rug below the sink

I should have cleaned up before taking pictures but I wanted to get these up! :) 

Another view with the microwave

Our "love board" 

This is the hallway from the kitchen to the living room... I love how this turned out! 

This is on one side of the dining room walls

Our dining room table 

The table cloth is black even tho it looks a little blue here 

This is on the other side of the dining room

This in on our hutch. (the red sign is waiting for a picture... that's not us!) 

Our hutch (passed down from my grandpa) 

Our living room! 

1 of the end tables 

another end table 

1 side of the living room is the family section... my goal is to get antique looking cream frames for the pictures to go in... more antique shops for me to visit! 

My husband's DVD collection! 

our TV (those cords will soon be gone) 

Our coffee table (view from sitting on the sofa) 

All of our stuff for my hubs to hang :) 

Door to the guest room... 

Guest bed ... Sammy our Whale will welcome you :) 

More stuff to hang...

This sign is above our guest bed

Another view of the bed 

Guest bathroom shower curtain 

I love signs, love them. 

Those cute baskets are from Michael's. 

I love that we can use our wedding decorations EVERYWHERE! 

close up... 

I love our guest bathroom, it's so simple and cute!! 

The sticks were the centerpieces at our wedding

This is the view when you are sitting in the living room... I love that window, I can talk to Andy while I'm cooking. It's great! 

This is the view from the kitchen window... I love our little place!! 

So there you go...  we have 1 more room, which is the office... but that room is covered with random stuff and Army gear... so once it's set up I will do a office tour and also when our signs are up, I'll show you those too. 

When you come visit you can see it all in person!! :) Hope to see you soon!! 


  1. Very cute Randi! It brought me right back to our first apartment and how much fun I had decorating it. I'm so happy for you! I love your "And they lived happily ever after" sign. =0) Wish I could come visit...hey, my kids might be old enough to babysit your kids some day! Wouldn't that be something!!!!!! =0)
    Have a wonderful week loving your husband!

  2. I love it Randi and Andy...
    It was like I was visiting you...but safer! know what I mean..LOL
    Thanks for sharing it all. What a beautiful inviting home you have...may God Bless it with more Love and Smiles...
    Enjoy your are both so wonderful!
    Love you...Betti

  3. I LOVE it!! It all looks so cute!! You have done a fantastic job, Mrs. R!