Monday, March 21, 2011

ABC's of me!

I don't have much to blog about... Andy is in the field and I'm just cleaning our apartment, preparing for the movers to bring our stuff, catching up on laundry, running errands, following up on jobs... so I saw this on another blog and thought it would be fun! Enjoy!!

A- Age: 26

B - Bed Size:  Queen... we went back and forth, but finally decided on a queen and the one we found is AMAZING! Most comfortable bed I've ever been in!  (We are waiting on our furniture... ) 

C - Chore you hate:  Mopping! And my husband knows it, and offers to do it for me! He's amazing!

D - Dogs: We don't have a dog, but my most favorite little dog is my parents do Dani... she's adorable!! Here is a picture of her and my little brother Nate.

E - Essential start to your day: Coffee!! And I can't wait until our new coffee pot arrives!!

F - Favorite Color:  PINK!!! 

G - Gold or Silver: definitely silver! Gold looks funny on me because my skin is so fair.

H - Height: 5 foot 4 inches! :) 

I - Instruments you play: I used to play the piano... I still can read notes, but haven't played in years!

J - Job Title: currently I don't have one... still searching for that job! I guess right now it would be 
  "stay at home wife" :) 

K - Kids: No kids for now... in a few years or so check back :) 

L - Live: Currently we live in the great state of Georgia! It's been great so far! 

M - My Mom's name: Susan.. and she's amazing!!

N - Nicknames: Ranz, Ranzinie, Sister, and my favorites are the cute ones from my hubby! 

O - Overnight Hospital Stay: just my birth! :) 

P - Pet Peeve: being late, dirty dishes, people who don't use their blinker.

Q - Quote from a movie: "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" My favorite movie, Dirty Dancing!

R - Righty/Lefty: Righty! 

S - Siblings: 2 brothers and 1 sister ... and 2 sister in law's, and 3 brother in law's. 
Here are my amazing brothers and precious sister! (I think Nate had just farted, that's why Hattie made the face)... boys will be boys! 

T - Time you wake up: Lately I get up with Andy at 5, then up at 8ish usually... this will change once I go back to work! :)

U - Underwear: yes please :)

V - Veggies you dislike: Brocolli! have always disliked it!

W - What makes you run late: NOTHING! I *hate* being late!

X - X-ray's you've had: knee, wrist, ankle

Y - Yummy food you make: I make a delicious Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pie!

Z - Zoo Animal: I love the Elephants or Giraffes! 

That was fun... if you have a blog, your turn!! :) 
Off to watch Dancing With The Stars and fold some more laundry! Happy Monday y'all! 

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