Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Be Blessed Lovelies

I haven't blogged in quite a long time... however, this is one of those things that pulled me out of writers block and back into blogland because that's where I met this sweet lady.

Be Blessed Lovelies.... that's how all of her blogs would end, that's just the kind of girl she was!

Leslie Sisti and I "met" through blogging and I just was amazed by her joy, positive personality and contagious smile that shined through something simple as a computer screen. She would gather bloggers and friends every Friday for "confessional Friday" and we would all confess our inner thoughts or shopping desires without feeling judged.

Leslie would often email me or leave comments on my blog to check in while Andy was deployed and just make sure I was OK. She was a woman who loved Jesus and was true to her Southern values. She leaves behind a husband and two beautiful daughters, both who are under 2. They won't know how much Leslie loved to be their momma, but they will know the joy she spread just by reading her blog.

Leslie, you will be missed sister. The blogging world has lost one of the best and we will miss your smile, your keen sense of fashion, but most of all your love for others.

There is a Go Fund Me account for the future of Caroline and Ainsley, Leslie's two girls. Support if you can, but please take the time to lift this precious familiy up in prayer.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Looking for Love!

Weird post header, right? Well not really.... over at Kelly's Korner they are having a SINGLES day and I am proud to introduce one of our most favorite people in the world!! My family loves this amazing guy so much that we have adopted him into our family!
Let me introduce to you, our brother from another mother, Sunny!

I met Sunny, 31 year old tall dark and handsome guy, through my brother's crossfit gym while living in Maryland with my brother and sister in law... and let me tell you, my first impression of Sunny was "does this guy ever stop talking?!" Well people, he doesn't. :)  And that's one of the best qualities about him!

Sunny is from India and has lived in the states for about 10 years. If you ever watch Big Bang Theory, he sounds like Raj. He owns his own restaurant/lounge and you can really tell he's in his element when he's at work.

Sunny is a big kid at heart. He would do anything for anyone and is so genuine and kind.
He is someone who loves life and his friends become his family.
He is amazing with kids and wants to find the perfect lady to enjoy a family with!

Sunny is an avid Crossfitter, spontaneous, very optimistic, enjoys life and is just waiting to meet Ms. Right!
Email me or post a comment if you are ready to meet my brother! He's quite the catch and you would be a lucky, lucky girl! :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Date Night!

Andy and I were both off by noon on Friday and didn't have anything planned so we took advantage of it and went for a date night! You might think since we have no kids that we get this opportunity a lot but surprisingly we don't. It is fun to get dressed up and go out, even if it's something simple like dinner and a movie! Which we both love by the way ;) 

We took a few pictures, so sorry for the overload of our faces!!

On the way to the movie. 

He's so handsome! And the sun was so bright! ha ha! 

I'm loving this pink lipstick, and I tried to curl my hair all cute but the darn humidity kills it! 

We saw Grudge Match and it was pretty funny! And we ate dinner at Chilis because our sweet friends gave us a gift card for watching their baby... which we volunteer for, because we love for other couples to have the opportunity for date nights and we adore their little daughter, Sophia! She's SO much fun!! 

We had friends over last night for the UFC fight, this was before everyone got there. I love nights at home with good friends!! 

Andy, Daisy and Sophia.... Sophia is our friends baby, she LOVES dogs!!! Daisy is so cute with her too! 


Duke was sleeping in his kennel... long day at the dog park for him ;)

Andy is doing laundry right now, I'm blogging with dogs laying on me... and the 49er game is on in the background. Life is good, and I am blessed!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you the best year yet!
Andy, Randi, Daisy & Duke 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve!

Life has been super busy lately with two dogs, two careers and just everyday life... but we are loving it!
Andy and I joined a Crossfit gym this month and we are loving working out and becoming a healthier couple together!
A few weekends ago we went to Tampa, Florida to watch Andy's favorite football play. Thankfully, the 49ers beat Tampa and it was an awesome game and our seats were amazing! It was nice to have a little get-away and we got to see some of our favorite friends while we were there!
Taken in the hotel before we spent the day in Orlando.

We were about 5 rows from the field! It was AWESOME!!!

In the crowd of people :)
My picture-hating husband was gladly taking pictures with me at this game ;)
Now I know... all future family pictures must be taken at a sporting event!

We are loving being together. Deployment homecomings have their difficulties (in adjusting back to life under the same roof) but we wouldn't trade a thing!!!

I hope you and yours have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!! We will spend it with good friends relaxing, eating, and just being together this year.


Merry Christmas from Daisy and Duke :)
We love these "children" of ours and appreciate them more and more each day!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hey there, Stranger!

Hello friends and family... and if I have any blog readers left, a special hello to you! Our life, post-deployment has been nuts! It's been so nice settling back into our routine of life together... and just being in the moment each and every day!

I have TONS of pictures to post... so once I'm ready to sort through them, I will post some... but until then here are some updates....

~ Andy is HOME! oh wait.... you probably knew that already ;)
~ Our sweet niece, Amelia was born just 5 days after Uncle Andy came home... I think she was waiting for him to be back from the sand pit ;) She entered the world on September 15th, and as most of you know.. my brother and SIL didn't find out what the gender was until she made her appearance and we are THRILLED to have a little pink in our lives! I get to meet sweet Amelia June in 3 days! :)
~ I got a job! Back in the medical field working at a Behavioral Health office and I.LOVE.IT. Could not be happier. My heart is in medicine, and I am back in familiar territory.
~ Andy and I had a miscarriage. It was devastating and sad, however we were SO early into the pregnancy that we didn't really even realize we were pregnant. Still a sad thing to go through, you think you are almost ready for kids, then you have one that could have been your little baby and then it's gone... all in a matter of a few days. It will happen when it's time. All in God's will :)
~ We got another puppy. His name is Duke and he's adorable. (Daisy and Duke)... get it??
~ We made a trip back to Maryland for a good friend (really a brother from another mother)'s restaurant anniversary and are going back Wednesday night for Thanksgiving.
~ We are so happy and so in love and THRILLED to be back under the same roof. :)

Pictures and more updates to come later... miss you all!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

He is.....


Andy is home everyone!!!!!! He's been home since Monday night/Tuesday morning but I'm just now getting around to blogging about it... Here are all the events of leading up to that moment when I FINALLY got my husband back!!!!

We were told that they would be home Tuesday September 10th at 12:40 am but were told to be at the field where they came in Monday night at 11:00 pm. Of course, my friend and I showed up at 10:30... I might have even been there at 10:15... what can I say, I was ready to get my man back!!

I think I started getting ready at 6 or 6:30 because I didn't want to be rushed and I wanted to look perfect because Andy hadn't seen my 87 pound weight loss (other than in my face) ....

So I had to send a test pic to my sister in law to make sure I looked ok. Haha!

I set up all of the things I had made for Andy... Paleo welcome home cake, Paleo banana bread, meat/cheese/grape tray to go with a red wine I had found, and some veggies and dip. 

Hung one of his welcome home signs... 

and was on my way! With a few hours to go... but I was beyond excited! I had butterflies in my belly and at one point I had to sit down because I was soooooooo nervous. I felt like I was going on a second first date with my own husband! I can't describe the feeling... and it sounds silly, but you just don't know the feeling until you experience it. 

My friend Diana and I waiting to get our husbands back! 

On a side note... Here is the weight loss pic! The left is the day Andy deployed... and on the right the day he came home... 87 pounds lighter! 

One of my signs for Andy... funny story about this... he actually didn't even see it until later! I'll tell you why below...

Let me tell you the one thing about a man in uniform.... they ALL look the same!!! Don't get me wrong, I love my husband in his uniform... but I couldn't spot him to save my life! Which came out to be a funny story... 

After a nice speech from the General, he "released" the soldiers and families of 120 men and women bolted for the field... 

Now here's the funny part (now looking back).... I COULD NOT find my Andy! I was weaving in and out of soldiers, asking people "Where's Rodriguez?!?!" ... finally... after what felt like 30 minutes but probably was more like 30 seconds... I spotted him across the way... There were a few people and kids in the way, but I finally made it to my husband! He looked over just in time to see me jumping into his arms! After lots of hugs and lots of kisses, we finally said "hi!" .... I have to tell you, My sweet sentimental husband may or may not have shed a few tears! I love that he's a happy crier... because I am not, but I do cry at everything else. He cried when he saw me walking down the aisle at our wedding and he cried when he saw me after 9 months. I love him more than anything. 

I really wanted to video him seeing me, but after not being able to find him I turned the video off. And we didn't even take a picture at the field because we just wanted to grab his bags and get home! 

Here we are once we got home (after he said hi to Daisy). Happy and reunited at last. 

Waited 270 days for this moment. 

Monday we slept about 4 hours and just relaxed during the day, took a nap, and ran a few errands... these two got plenty of cuddle time in :) Daisy is a HAPPY girl now that her daddy is back! 


My two loves! 

Wednesday we hung out at home and then later in the day we ran a few more errands and went for a date night... it was nice and relaxing. I just love being with him, holding his hand, snuggling and of course kissing him anytime I want to! 

My world is whole again. 

Thank you for all the prayers and support while Andy was deployed... This Army life is not always easy, but once we were back together it was all worth it!! And a lot of people have asked how life is now that he's home... and quite honestly, I was SO nervous... but it's like we just picked up where we left off. He's so hands on and easy going about everything.. and he loves the paleo lifestyle so far :)
Life is perfect when you are with the one you love!

(hoping to blog more now that the laptop is back! :) )